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mogul:/afranke/installer:Installer Tool for Oz functors
mogul:/chorus/clls-examples:Some clls constraints.
mogul:/chorus/clls-solver-ke:A semi decision procedure for CLLS.
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-dd:A solver for dominance constraints.
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-km-leda:graph based solver and satisfiability test for normal dominance constraints
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-sm:a graph-based solver for normal dominance constraints with set operators
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-sm-leda:solver for weakly normal dominance constraints, implemented in C++/LEDA
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-st:graph based solver for the enumeration of all solved forms of a normal dominance constraints
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-st-leda:graph based solver and satisfiability test for normal dominance constraints
mogul:/chorus/dynamic-tree-graphics:Dynamic forest of Oz values with graphical interface.
mogul:/chorus/parser/tdg:Outdated experimental TDG system for chorus5 (2002) but still running. <P> Should be replaced by XDG of Ralph Debusmann
mogul:/chorus/usp-beta/jn:Underspecified beta reduction.
mogul:/debusmann/xdk:XDG Development Kit (XDK)
mogul:/duchier/coli/tkdag:graphical display of word-DAGs (syntax trees, thematic role DAGs, ...)
mogul:/duchier/config:Flexible initialization of application parameters
mogul:/duchier/expat:A SAX-like XML processor using Jame Clark's expat library, and a parser derived from it
mogul:/duchier/inputsource:a class for reading data from an arbitrary sequence of heterogenous sources such as files, urls, strings and virtual strings.
mogul:/duchier/mehlhorn:graph-based satisfiability test for dominance constraints
mogul:/duchier/select:implements the selection constraint e.g. S={Select.fs [S1 ... Sn] I}
mogul:/fkonvick/ldictionary:List Dictionary
mogul:/fkonvick/rbtree:Red-Black Tree
mogul:/fkonvick/unicode:Unicode Support
mogul:/franzen/browsercontrol:Control your webbrowser from Mozart
mogul:/franzen/ozh:Documentation tool for Mozart. Creates HTML API descriptions of functors, much like javadoc
mogul:/kaol/nntp:NNTP protocol library
mogul:/kaol/protocol:general TCP protocol library
mogul:/keving/net/twikistore:Use a Twiki page as a global, persistent dictionary
mogul:/klintskog/ozmessagetrace:A tool for viewing logs from distributed Mozart
mogul:/lager/brill-tagger:A part-of-speech tagger/noun-phrase chunker
mogul:/lager/gump-tokenizer:A Gump-based natural language tokenizer
mogul:/lager/levenshtein:Two modules (one in C, one in pure Oz) for measuring edit distance between two strings
mogul:/lager/porter-stemmer:A Porter stemmer written in C and linked into Oz
mogul:/lager/sentence-splitter:A simple sentence splitter
mogul:/lager/simple-tokenizer:A simple tokenizer for natural language
mogul:/lager/text-categorizer:An N-gram-based text categorizer/language recognizer
mogul:/mahmoud/oztclodbc:OzTclODBC supports the use of comercial DBMS using ODBC interface provided by the tclodbc package developed by Roy Nurmi(
mogul:/mahmoud/xmlparser:A pure Mozart XML parser
mogul:/mathweb/cs:A special Constraint-Solver for proof planning handling non-linear constraints.
mogul:/mathweb/html:a variant of Open.html for use with objects
mogul:/mathweb/httpd:A Simple HTTP Server
mogul:/mathweb/mathweb:The Mathweb Distribution Framework
mogul:/mathweb/mosh:A Mozart Shell
mogul:/mathweb/omutils:Some functors for OpenMath translation
mogul:/mathweb/share:Basic Libraries used by other MathWeb packages
mogul:/mathweb/xmlparser:converts XML Document Type Definitions (DTDs) into Oz Parsers (Gump)
mogul:/mathweb/xmlrpc:A simple XMLRPC Server
mogul:/mozart/ozmake:a tool for project building and package management
mogul:/neiderud/message-simulator:A graphical simulator of nodes passing messages
mogul:/niehren/assignment:Substitutions on recursive data structures.
mogul:/niehren/base:Base environment extension. Data structures: stacks, queues, bags. Generators: counters and gensym. URI resolver .
mogul:/niehren/binary:Conversion of Oz values to binaries and back.
mogul:/niehren/configuration:configurations for packages or modules
mogul:/niehren/context-free-grammar:Transformations on context free grammars.
mogul:/niehren/davinci:Graph drawing with DaVinci: a professional tool.
mogul:/niehren/error:Alternative error handling.
mogul:/niehren/external-process:External processes and how to connect them to Mozart.
mogul:/niehren/inspector-space:A fully functional Inspector.
mogul:/niehren/lift/syntax/german:A formal grammar system for a German lift control.
mogul:/niehren/output:Configurable output devices
mogul:/niehren/shell:Execute shell commands with return-values within Oz. A short-paths converter for Windows is made available this way.
mogul:/niehren/typed-unif-grammar:Natural language modelling with typed unification grammars: parsing and conversion to context-free grammars.
mogul:/niehren/unif-grammar:Parsing with unification grammars for modelling natural language.
mogul:/tack/DecisionTree:Decision Trees
mogul:/tack/TkTreeWidget:A tree drawing widget for Tk
mogul:/tack/iozsef:IOzSeF - The Integrated Oz Search Factory
mogul:/vanroy/clientserver:A tool for making open, robust, distributed, concurrent client/server applications.