3.1.2 Setting things up using ozmake

Since the advent of ozmake version 0.76 becoming a contributor has become a lot simpler. See this message on the users list for some details. However the gist of it is that you typically set things up as follows:

ozmake --config=put --mogulrootid=$MOGULID
ozmake --config=put --moguldir=$MOGULDIR
ozmake --config=put --mogulurl=$MOGULURL

where $MOGULID is the MOGUL id you were granted, $MOGULDIR is the directory on your local file system where you want ozmake to put all the stuff related to the packages that you wish to publish in MOGUL (for example /home/$USER/public_html/mogul/publish), and $MOGULURL is the URL at which this directory is made available on the Web (for example http://$HOSTNAME/~$USER/mogul/publish).

You then need to create and publish an entry for yourself. See the "CONTACTS" section in the ozmake documentation. Briefly this amounts to creating a file makefile.oz that looks something like this:

  contact :
      mogul : 'mogul:/homes/sherlock
      name  : 'Sherlock Holmes'
      email : 'holmes@baker-street.com'
      www   : 'http://www.baker-street.com/~holmes/'))

but with your own data, of course! Then you publish it by invoking:

ozmake --publish

that's it! now you have a section and it contains your contact entry. When you publish your packages (again using --publish), corresponding entries will be created and added to your section. In order to publish a package, you will have to provide some features in its makefile.oz. See the ozmake documentation for details.

Denys Duchier
Version 1.3.0 (20040413)