2.1 Types of Entries

The database contains 3 kinds of entries:


A ``section'' is very much like a directory (or folder). It lists sub-entries and gives their corresponding URLs.


A ``contact'' describes an individual or organization. A reference to such an entry can appear for example as an ``author'' field in a ``package'' entry.


A ``package'' describes (surprise!) a package. In particular, it typically gives a URL for downloading the package.

Valid IDs

Each entry is assigned, and denoted by, a unique ID that is a URI of the general form:


To guarantee that no ID collision can occur, the use of valid IDs is enforced. A valid ID is defined as follows:

Thus, once you have obtained a valid id, you can construct new ones by appending new path components.

Denys Duchier
Version 1.3.0 (20040413)