2.2.1 Contact Entry

A contact describes an individual or organization. For example

type:    contact
id:      mogul:/sherlock/holmes
email:   Holmes.Sherlock@baker-street.com
www:     http://www.baker-street.com/~holmes/
name:    Sherlock Holmes

Only type and name are required. The name may also be given as:

name:    Holmes, Sherlock

The MOGUL Librarian can analyze most common forms of names to determine how they should be listed in an index. Some names cannot be so simply analyzed and you can help the librarian by providing a name-for-index header. For example:

type:    contact
id:      mogul:/mozart
www:     /
name:    Mozart Consortium
name-for-index: Mozart Consortium

otherwise the librarian would list it under ``Consortium, Mozart''.

Denys Duchier
Version 1.3.0 (20040413)