Konstantin Popov


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A parallel abstract machine for Oz PAMOz is presented in this paper. Oz is a thread-based concurrent constraint programming language with state. Oz is convenient for concurrent programming like modelling multi-agent systems, as well as for solving combinatoric problems. PAMOz models the execution of a sublanguage of Oz without its constraint solving facilities. PAMOz has been implemented in the parallel Oz system, which is derived from the sequential Oz system and inherits its optimizations. PAMOz is targeted to shared-memory multiprocessors. PAMOz executes Oz threads in parallel. PAMOz is derived from AMOz, a sequential abstract machine for Oz. There are two principal differences between PAMOz and AMOz: the architecture of the abstract machine, and the implementation of operations on stateful data. PAMOz can be conservatively extended for full Oz; there is an interface between PAMOz and its constraint solving extension.