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General data structures and algorithms (lib)

mogul:/fkonvick/ldictionary:List Dictionary
mogul:/fkonvick/rbtree:Red-Black Tree
mogul:/fkonvick/unicode:Unicode Support
mogul:/mathweb/share:Basic Libraries used by other MathWeb packages
mogul:/niehren/assignment:Substitutions on recursive data structures.
mogul:/niehren/base:Base environment extension. Data structures: stacks, queues, bags. Generators: counters and gensym. URI resolver .
mogul:/niehren/binary:Conversion of Oz values to binaries and back.
mogul:/niehren/configuration:configurations for packages or modules
mogul:/niehren/error:Alternative error handling.
mogul:/niehren/inspector-space:A fully functional Inspector.
mogul:/niehren/output:Configurable output devices