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Tools (tool)

mogul:/chorus/dynamic-tree-graphics:Dynamic forest of Oz values with graphical interface.
mogul:/franzen/ozh:Documentation tool for Mozart. Creates HTML API descriptions of functors, much like javadoc
mogul:/klintskog/ozmessagetrace:A tool for viewing logs from distributed Mozart
mogul:/mahmoud/oztclodbc:OzTclODBC supports the use of comercial DBMS using ODBC interface provided by the tclodbc package developed by Roy Nurmi(
mogul:/mahmoud/xmlparser:A pure Mozart XML parser
mogul:/mozart/ozmake:a tool for project building and package management
mogul:/neiderud/message-simulator:A graphical simulator of nodes passing messages
mogul:/niehren/davinci:Graph drawing with DaVinci: a professional tool.
mogul:/niehren/shell:Execute shell commands with return-values within Oz. A short-paths converter for Windows is made available this way.