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Natural Language Processing (nlp)

mogul:/chorus/clls-examples:Some clls constraints.
mogul:/chorus/clls-solver-ke:A semi decision procedure for CLLS.
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-dd:A solver for dominance constraints.
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-sm:a graph-based solver for normal dominance constraints with set operators
mogul:/chorus/dominance-solver-sm-leda:solver for weakly normal dominance constraints, implemented in C++/LEDA
mogul:/duchier/coli/tkdag:graphical display of word-DAGs (syntax trees, thematic role DAGs, ...)
mogul:/lager/brill-tagger:A part-of-speech tagger/noun-phrase chunker
mogul:/lager/gump-tokenizer:A Gump-based natural language tokenizer
mogul:/lager/levenshtein:Two modules (one in C, one in pure Oz) for measuring edit distance between two strings
mogul:/lager/porter-stemmer:A Porter stemmer written in C and linked into Oz
mogul:/lager/sentence-splitter:A simple sentence splitter
mogul:/lager/simple-tokenizer:A simple tokenizer for natural language
mogul:/lager/text-categorizer:An N-gram-based text categorizer/language recognizer
mogul:/niehren/context-free-grammar:Transformations on context free grammars.
mogul:/niehren/lift/syntax/german:A formal grammar system for a German lift control.
mogul:/niehren/typed-unif-grammar:Natural language modelling with typed unification grammars: parsing and conversion to context-free grammars.
mogul:/niehren/unif-grammar:Parsing with unification grammars for modelling natural language.