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blurb:A tool for making open, robust, distributed, concurrent client/server applications.
author:Peter van Roy
category:dp, exe, net
provides:[dp,net,exe] dserver
[dp,net,exe] dclient

The ClientServer tool takes almost any centralized, sequential client/server application written in Oz and, without writing any new code, turns it into an open, robust, distributed, concurrent client/server application. In the distributed version, any number of clients can connect dynamically to the server and ask questions concurrently. The tool guarantees that all client requests are serialized when fed to the server.

In this version of the tool, the server tolerates client failures (it silently drops the failed clients) and the clients can reconnect to a new server if the server fails (a graphic interface is provided to manage reconnection). This is adequate for client/server applications without server state. The tool can be extended to do more sophisticated fault tolerance.